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Is Black Tea a Healthy Beverage

Black tea is one of the most popular beverages in the world. While it is not as popular as coffee in the United States, people still love to drink black tea around here. But did you know that it is also good for you? Drinking tea for health benefits is a very good idea, especially if you are thinking about making serious changes to your diet and fitness routine.

If we made a list of all the health benefits of black tea, it would be far too long for you to read! But we have picked out five of the most important benefits that we think you should know about if you want to add black tea to your diet.

Heart Disease Prevention

Thanks to the amount of flavan-3-ols, flavonols and gallic acid that is contained in a cup of black tea, it is said to be very good for heart disease prevention. While it will not make up for an unhealthy diet and lifestyle, it can be a supplement to making good choices in those areas.

Black tea is also known to be very helpful if you have issues with your blood vessels. It can reverse some of the damage in your vessels, which can reduce the chance of stroke.

Cancer Prevention

While the studies are limited, there are some encouraging signs that point to black tea helping with cancer prevention. Since there are theaflavins in black tea, the abnormal cells in your body are destroyed before they can cause any serious damage. It is said to help women fight off breast cancer and ovarian cancer. It is also good for you if you are worried about stomach or skin cancer.

Lowers Diabetes Risk

People who drink black tea and combine it with a healthy diet will have a lower chance of getting diabetes. Even if you are worried about your diet and risk of diabetes, adding black tea to your diet will help you a lot. It is associated with lower fasting blood glucose levels. It is also said to lower the glycemic impact of meals, if you drink it shortly before or after eating.

Digestion Boost

Those who have issues with their digestion, especially when they start a new diet, will love black tea. Say you started the keto diet and you are not happy with your digestion. You can try drinking a couple cups of black tea each day. The improvement will arrive after a few days. Since black tea is rich in tannins, it relaxes your digestive system. The anti-inflammatory qualities are also good for dealing with more serious digestive disorders.

Stress Reliever

Do you ever feel tired and stressed when you come home? It is normal to feel this way. One method that you can use is to have a relaxing cup of black tea when you come back from work. The l-theanine in black tea promotes relaxation, while it is also known to lower the production of the stress hormone in the body.

Whether you are a fan of drinking tea, or you want to drink black tea for its health benefits, you will be happy to know that you can get so much out of this beverage. And it will pair perfectly with any type of diet!